Why is Pegasus Logistics Group a SmartWay carrier?

We at Pegasus understand that the transportation industry has a massive effect on the environment. Annually there are over 37,000 truckers moving over 11 billion tons of freight generating over $650 billion in revenues through our nation's economy. While this is a huge part of our domestic infrastructure it is also a burden on our environment.

Pegasus recognizes that the logistics industry must be environmentally responsible and strives to be at the cutting edge of programs that focus on this initiative. We are developing an environmental education program for our carriers to ensure they are aware of the effects of idling as well as driving over the speed of 65 on our highways. We are also actively promoting the use of more productive and efficient truck combinations. In addition to ground transportation we are looking at ways to measure our carbon footprint in ocean and air freight to expand the role we play in reducing the overall impact on our environment.

Working with our clients in areas where we can make an impact is also an important responsibility for Pegasus. We recently designed and promoted a program that helped a client eliminate costly single-use materials in favor of reusable and recyclable materials. This program eliminated waste while also reducing their costs.

The SmartWay program aligns with our strategic "Green" initiative, and has been a part of it since 2008. Pegasus was able to achieve the highest SmartWay rating (1.25) within a year of joining the program and has maintained this rating to date.

In addition to reducing our impact on the environment in the transportation arena we at Pegasus also promote environmentally healthy practices. These include programs such as companywide recycling programs, proper pallet and packaging material disposition, and working with our vendors to identify ways to reduce our industry's impact on our environment.

Together with our clients and partners, we will make a difference!